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At The Hub

You’ll find our hub welcoming, warm and inclusive from the moment you enter.

Our children’s therapy centre playrooms are bright, airy, clean and fitted with a diverse range of play-language-tools (toys) required for communicating all the feelings.

Little people are the focus of every element at the hub.

What happens in the playroom, stays in the playroom

From toddlers to tweens, a Play Therapy Hub playroom and play therapist affords a child an invaluable toolkit for both healing and flourishing ….. Consistent time, a safe and nurturing place, and a person of the child’s very own. Without fear of judgment, punishment or losing control. During a play therapy session, children are given permission to safely and fully express their inner world

What to expect when you get here

Before play therapy starts for your child, there’s an initial parent consultation at our children’s therapy centre that runs between 60-90 mins. During the session, which will ideally be without the child, we will cover:

  • Your concerns/worries about the therapy.
  • A full developmental history on the child will be completed to determine which therapy is suitable.
  • In some cases, we will conduct a separate 30min family play observation session to further determine treatment needs.
  • Discussion of the play therapy process, fees, confidentiality and other practical consideration

At your first appointment:

Generally, the first session will be the therapist alone with the child, unless recommended otherwise after the initial consultation. The first therapy session will be 45mins in total. For younger children we may shorten it to 30mins depending on special needs. You will wait in the waiting room of our children’s therapy centre for your child during that time.

Throughout your child’s play therapy process we will have regular contact with parents/caregivers by phone or email, and in scheduled parent meetings, but the sessions themselves will be between the therapist and child only.

Do you want to know a bit more?

Let’s organise a free, no obligation free chat.

Therapy that includes play can calm the storm in your child’s inner world and bring some well-deserved harmony to your home.

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Here’s what our happy customers had to say about their kids and our therapy services:

We began play therapy hoping that it would be an effective way of breaking the difficult cycle that I was in with my son. Our play therapist, Mardi, has a beautiful manner with our son and we have valued her insightful observations about what may be underlying his behaviours.

Danielle (Mother)
Filial Therapy Melbourne Testimonial

The combination of the play therapy and implementing her simple strategies has been very effective in changing things at home. We have found play therapy to be very beneficial for our family and are now undertaking filial therapy to continue to reap the rewards of the play therapy approach.

Karen & Rob (Parents)
Play Therapy Melbourne Testimonial

Natalie is fun, bright and bubbly. Through Play Therapy, she was easily able to connect with my child and we cannot believe how much he has transformed from being an anxious and unsure little boy, into the settled, confident and social child he is now.

Emma (Parent)

My child has a trauma background. He’s getting the Play therapy for about 9 months now. I can’t not thank Helen enough for her help and support . It’s been a very hard journey but the result is amazing. He has got great control on his emotions. He is a happy boy now 🙂

Mark & Linda (Parents)
Child Therapy Melbourne Testimonial

Donna’s play therapy & animal assisted therapy work has been instrumental in supporting & developing an understanding of the underlying issues of our disengaged refugee students. Her expertise has also been welcomed by staff who needed insight in engaging & developing strategies to meet the needs of our highly challenging students.

Ivan Araujo (Dandenong West Primary Youth Worker)

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